Sparkroom: Pushing Performance to the Limits

By aiwpadminJuly 14, 2016

By Shahnaz Mahmud.

“Pushing performance to the limits.” Sounds like a tagline for a sports ad, but it certainly has its place in the lead gen space. Performance marketing, anyone? Sparkroom, a full-service, data-driven marketing and technology solutions shop, might say this tagline is its mantra.

Sparkroom is a sponsor of the upcoming LeadsCon New York conference, August 22-24.

Akeel Haider, VP of Audience Marketing, notes that his daily routine is much-focused on this very ideal. “My days are spent looking for opportunities to maximize marketing efforts and further push performance, typically through analysis of performance data and detailed campaign optimizations,” he says. “I also spend time identifying, leveraging and maximizing new tools, features and platforms to improve performance for our clients.”

Just how does he “push performance?” Haider points to the work he carries out with his audience marketing team, which creates, executes and manages in-house, first-party media channel campaigns on behalf of Sparkroom’s clients. These multifaceted campaigns include paid search, email nurturing, re-engagement campaigns, SEO, predictive display and social media as a few examples.

Adds Kathy Bryan, VP Corporate Marketing & Communications, Sparkroom’s products and services address the full customer life cycle and focus on delivering both higher-quality prospects and better conversion rates. Bryan says the company works as an extension of its clients’ marketing departments. “Our team of marketing and technology experts constantly evaluates the newest trends and innovations to achieve greater, faster success for our clients,” she says.

Sparkroom was founded in 2003 and originally focused on the higher education market. Its focus was to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of higher education enrollment marketing. Over the years, the company expanded outside of those parameters and added full-service marketing capabilities, strategic planning services and cloud-based marketing software. “But the basis of what we do has remained the same—we create data-driven, performance-based marketing campaigns designed to achieve growth and acquisition goals for our clients,” Bryan emphasizes.

Better Industry Insights
Sparkroom has been exhibiting at LeadsCon for a number of years and began its sponsorship program at the Las Vegas show in 2015. This summer, Haider will also be presenting a session centering on cross-channel attribution. “Because this is currently such a hot topic with my clients, I anticipate this subject will be a very hot topic at the show,” he says. “CRMs have not yet evolved to efficiently track the multitouch user journey, and the attribution solutions on the market are not 100 percent accurate. But we are finally getting better insights into the full effect of marketing dollars spent across channels.” From tracking and measuring to visualization and algorithmic suggestion engines, the advancements in big data analysis combined with tools like Sparkroom Marketing Software enable performance marketers to be more effective and gain an edge as they navigate today’s highly fragmented digital space, Haider also points out.

In other areas, Sparkroom has made strides, innovating to support its ideals of moving the industry forward. These innovations include promoting the success of layering email and display to boost high-quality inquiries and enhancing conversion rates through a variety of custom scoring models. It is also working with vendors to develop and adopt nontraditional, third-party inquiry advertising and payment models. “We’re especially enthusiastic about the emergence of social media as an inquiry generation channel, especially Facebook Lead Ads.” Earlier this year, Bryan notes, Sparkroom Marketing Software became one of the few systems to integrate with Facebook Lead Ads, allowing advertisers to obtain their Facebook lead data in real time. Pushing the limits? One might agree.

Haider underscores: “Performance marketing success requires a team dedicated to hard work and innovation, plus a technology platform that can digest, integrate and help you analyze campaign data. What was successful last year may not be the best approach this year. Be open to new solutions and never settle for second best.”

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