Strengthening Lead Generation through a Stronger Landing Page

By Frank HealySeptember 24, 2014

Online lead generation has changed drastically over the past decade as marketers attempt to utilize a variety of digital marketing methods to generate inquiries. Organic search, pay-per-click, social media, display advertising and email offers are some of the many ways that advertisers get visitors to their site, and more importantly, their landing page. The landing page is a critical step in the lead generation process – the visitor must not only be interested in your product or service, but also must trust that you can provide what they need. Here are some tips on how to get your inquiry to hit “submit”.

  1. Ensure Cohesive Content

From start to finish, visitors to your landing page should feel a sense of cohesiveness. The headline and copy should match the advertising used to get visitors to your page – if your ads say “Get Auto Insurance in California”, the landing page should be specific to California residents looking for car insurance. Images should directly relate to your landing page purpose, and provide directional cues for the user. Content needs to be relevant, useful and engaging.

  1. Provide Clear Message and Purpose

Get to the point right away. The user should know the purpose of your landing page within seconds of looking at it. The page should have a single purpose and focus: one message, one form and one call-to-action. The call-to-action (CTA) should be compelling, large, easily found and above the fold. Use bullet points to break down information in an easily digestible format.

  1. Reduce Friction

The form should be on the first page the user comes to. Forms should be as short as possible, collecting only necessary information. If you do need to collect a great deal of information, move additional fields to a secondary page. Eliminate or reduce navigation links; if you do direct users to another landing page for additional information about your offer, make sure that page also has a form to collect user data.

  1. Establish Trust

Every aspect of your landing page should establish trust with the user – from the copy to the form to disclosures. Disclosures should follow industry standards, and make it clear to the user what will happen after they submit their information. Privacy statements and third party assurances, such as TRUSTe or VeriSign, help promote this trust and give the visitor confidence in your site.

  1. Test Everything

Testing is vital to ensuring that you are getting the maximum return on your advertising investment. A/B and multivariate test copy, images, forms – anything that could affect the user experience and change their perception of what you are offering. Calibrate your landing page based on conversions and ROI. Through testing, you can discover insights about your customers that aid in the success of current and future landing pages.


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