Study: Half of Consumers Dissatisfied with Mobile Experience

By aiwpadminJuly 21, 2016

By John Egan.

Attention, mobile marketers: A lot of your consumers are unhappy with the mobile experience.

A new study by LogMeIn, a provider of customer engagement software, and Vanson Bourne, a research company, found that only 52 percent of consumers were satisfied with the most recent mobile interaction they had with a business. That’s down from 59 percent in a 2015 study conducted by LogMeIn and Vanson Bourne.

In the 2016 study, not one industry delivered a satisfactory experience to more than two-thirds of consumers who’d contacted them via a mobile device. That can be costly, as 85 percent of consumers aren’t likely to do business with a company after a bad mobile experience, the study shows.

Those are troubling numbers considering that 79 percent of consumers surveyed had made at least one purchase via mobile in the previous year, and 27 percent said they had made all of their purchases via mobile. By 2018, it’s projected that half of all e-commerce purchases will be made on a mobile device.

“Organizations face a tough challenge in coping with [the] growing proportion of customers who are using a greater variety of ways to communicate through their mobile devices,” the study says. “Organizations need to treat mobile engagement as an opportunity to interact purposefully and proactively with customers.”

A session at the upcoming LeadsCon New York, “Creating A Great Mobile Experience: A Super-Fast Survey of Tactics That Actually Work,” will explore mobile tools and techniques.

For their study, LogMeIn and Vanson Bourne surveyed 8,000 consumers in the U.S., Europe, India, Australia and New Zealand.

Other findings of the survey:

  • 53 percent of consumers said they regularly use a mobile device to research products or services before buying.

  • 44 percent of consumers indicated they’ll buy the researched products or services via mobile.

  • At 47 percent, insurance companies had the worst satisfaction rate among mobile consumers.

  • Easy-to-find contact information for resolving support issues is ranked the No. 1 factor for ensuring a good mobile experience.

  • 72 percent of consumers said they had quit a mobile experience because it was too hard to initiate contact.

  • 91 percent of consumers said there always should be a way to contact a real person during a mobile experience.

“There are more ways than ever for companies to engage with customers, and mobile is a vital part of a company’s e-commerce success,” Dave Campbell, vice president of product marketing for customer engagement and support at LogMeIn, says in a news release. “Customers expect a seamless experience and access to information across all of the channels and devices they use.”

He adds: “While not meeting these demands can come with an enormous price tag, a good mobile experience can create a competitive differentiator, drive revenue and turn prospects into loyal customers.”

LogMeIn blogger Marie Ruzzo suggests understanding how much of your site traffic is coming from mobile and tracking that activity to pinpoint trends and behaviors. She urges being proactive if you find that your mobile traffic is rising from year to year.

“Treat mobile differently. Consider routing mobile customers differently. They are on the go — so you need to act with urgency,” Ruzzo says.

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