Study: Level of ‘Ignorance’ About Video ROI Remains Relatively High

By aiwpadminJanuary 18, 2017

By John Egan.


In the content marketing mix, video continues to gain attention and traction. Yet for all the known benefits of video in content marketing, far too many marketers don’t know what the ROI is.


A recent study by Demand Metric, a marketing research firm, and Vidyard, a provider of software that analyzes video performance, found that about one-fourth of marketers are unaware of the ROI of their video marketing efforts. In the three years Demand Metric and Vidyard have conducted their study about video performance, that statistic essentially hasn’t budged.


“The level of ignorance about ROI is not decreasing, even as video metrics become easier to obtain,” the study says.


This comes despite the fact that the ROI of video marketing has remained “steady and strong” during the three years of the study, the authors say.


“The reliability of video marketing content for producing conversions and delivering ROI is one of its strengths,” the study says.


Why is that? Partly because “content fatigue” does not plague video, as it does other forms of content, the study says. The study maintains that video “remains the power-hitter in the content conversion lineup.”


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For their study, Demand Metric and Vidyard surveyed 289 marketers. Other findings of the survey include:


  • More than 90 percent say the importance of marketing content is growing.

  • More than half produce at least 11 videos a year.

  • Nearly half rely on internal staff and resources to produce videos, up from 38 percent a year earlier.

  • Half of the marketers plan to use a third-party video hosting or video marketing platform vs. YouTube or Vimeo, up from 38 percent a year earlier.


“While many brands continue to chase the viral video hype, this report makes it clear that videos don’t need to go viral to be successful,” says Michael Litt, co-founder and CEO of Vidyard. “In fact, it’s becoming clear that personalized, targeted videos used throughout the sales funnel are more engaging and more effective at turning viewers into customers.”


Almost two-thirds of those surveyed are incorporating personalization into their content, including videos — tailoring the content toward marketing personas, companies and individuals, for instance. Among those engaged in content personalization, half of those surveyed are applying this strategy to videos.


Fifty-eight percent of those that are personalizing their content are seeing a lift in ROI, compared with 43 percent for those who are not personalizing content, according to the study.


“Video is an effective content type for engaging prospects and leads,” the study says, “so amplifying its effectiveness through personalization is a natural progression … .”


Whether video is being personalized or its ROI is being measured, its importance is undeniable, the study says. One needs only to look at YouTube for proof. Every day, viewers consume hundreds of millions of hours of video on YouTube, generating billions of views, according to the study.


“Video is more prevalent and accessible than ever before; it is currently the ‘golden child’ of content types,” the study says.

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