Succeeding Among the Changing Seas of Facebook and Instagram Ads

By aiwpadminAugust 29, 2018

By Barry Eitel

The nature of advertising across social media remains a space of constant change.

All advertising is half art, half science, and this idiom is even more prominent in the realm of social with its immense mix of data metrics and focus on brand image.

To make things more complicated, understanding the link between social clicks and ROI can often be a challenge. With billions of users checking their Facebook and Instagram apps every month, there is undoubted potential, but connecting with the right audience and at the right time is the real skill.

“The challenge for brands isn’t so much deciding if Facebook is right for them, but rather learning how to personalize management of the channel and properly track attribution between Facebook and other touchpoints in today’s omnichannel sales environment,” Nancy Lim of communications analytics firm CallRail wrote last year in Adweek.

At LeadsCon Connect to Convert this October in Boston, keeping up with the social media feeds of customers will be dissected during several sessions. In “Digital Strategies to Stay Visible in the Newsfeed,” Steve Weiss, CEO of marketing agency MuteSix, and Daniel Snow, co-founder of fashion brand The Perfect Sculpt, will forecast the future of social media marketing.

The pair is well aware of the challenges with converting clicks to sales.

“I mean, what good is a 95 percent click-through rate if your ROI after spending $5,000 is $0?” Weiss wrote in an August blog post. “The Facebook click-through rate should not be used as a metric to determine if your ad is successful. The click-through rate should be used as a benchmark when optimizing winning campaigns.”

For Weiss and Snow, the most profitable ads are the ones that appear to be native to the specific feed they are being served on. Ideally, your potential customers should not really be able to differentiate between a great social media ad and the content posted by whomever they follow.

Ad copy and unit types are quickly becoming the best way to improve click-through rates. Facebook, for example, has a whole selection of different types of ads to engage customers in varied ways like Dynamic Product Ads (DPAs) and Carousel image ads.

“DPA ads tend to offer the best click-through rate when retargeting users based on their website behavior, whereas instant articles are best when serving your audience content in the form of blog posts,” Weiss wrote. “Carousel and Collection ad units are also suited when serving product-style posts. The images and the creative text you use will play a huge role in increasing click-through rates on Facebook ads, and this area is where you should test the most.”

During the Weiss and Snow session, attendees will learn about the entire gamut of social media ads, from paying influencers to dedicated video ads. The focus, as always, is on driving customer awareness and conversion. The pair will also reveal how to best gauge the success of different social media ads to make ad spend more efficient.

To learn more on what’s driving today’s customer acquisition, performance marketing, and sales, join us at LeadsCon’s Connect to Convert this October in Boston. Register today.

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