Supercharge Lead Generation with Call Intelligence

By Drew Throne-ThomsenDecember 16, 2014

Lead generation can be an uphill battle. You’re trying to combat fraud, low contact rates, and less than impressive conversion rates. And then there’s the mobile challenge. How do you get someone to fill out a lead form when they’re on a small touchscreen? The trick is you don’t.

When marketers use call intelligence to help them drive and track phone leads, they don’t have to worry nearly as much about fraud, poor quality and low contact rates. They don’t have to worry about finding ways to engage with their mobile audience. Inbound calls simply don’t come with the standard challenges that plague form based, online lead gen.

100% Contact Rates

According to industry data, less than 30% of leads ever get contacted by sales. These low contact rates are the result of fraudulent information, low buyer intent, and plain bad timing. Once a lead fills out a form, contact rates drop dramatically with each passing hour. In fact, a sales rep is 100 times less likely to make contact if the first call is made a mere 30 minutes after the form submission.

Marketers are spending significant resources capturing online leads that end up in the trash. The advantage of driving inbound call leads is they have a 100% contact rate.

When you focus your digital marketing efforts on driving inbound phone leads, you connect motivated buyers directly with sales or the call center. The result is high quality leads that translate to high conversion rates. You also save sales reps and call center agents from trying to calls leads that they’ll never get in touch with.

Better Mobile Performance

Generating phone leads can also boost mobile performance. Lead forms were not invented with mobile in mind, but click-to-call buttons were.

BIA/Kelsey estimates that by 2018, mobile search will drive over 70 billion calls. More and more people are choosing to connect over the phone because it’s quick and easy. It’s a native function of their mobile phone!

Monetize More Traffic in High Consideration Verticals

High consideration verticals include industries like insurance, financial services, education, automotive – any product or service that is either expensive and/or personalized. Shoppers in these verticals tend to need one-on-one assistance at some point in the customer journey. If there’s going to be a phone conversation at some point in the purchase process, why wouldn’t you give consumers the chance to call right away, on their terms?

Today’s consumers want options. They have all the information they need at their fingertips. They can engage any way they want. If you only provide an online experience, you’re losing potential customers who would rather connect offline. By running multi-action campaigns that combine phone numbers with lead-gen landing pages, you’ll see lower abandonment rates and higher conversion rates.

Call Intelligence Makes it Easy

Integrating an inbound call strategy in your lead generation efforts can seem daunting. You have to start thinking about calls when you’re used to digital traffic. That’s really not the case, using call intelligence to drive and track calls works much the same as getting digital leads.

Call intelligence provides sophisticated attribution for each call. You can see the paid search keyword, campaign, landing page or distribution partner that drove the call. You can also use call intelligence to set custom rules to filter and route calls, so you only connect the highest quality leads with your advertisers or call center. Finally, call intelligence integrates with your other marketing tools and tracking solutions. This way you can view marketing analytics and see all your online leads and phone leads in one place. This makes it easy to track ROI and spot trends so you can make optimizations that make a difference.

Phone calls have always been part of the customer journey. It’s time to bring them back to your marketing strategy. With increasing competition and new customer behavior, lead generation needs call intelligence.

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