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Making Your Entire Organization Part of the Unified Customer Experience

May 22, 2019, by LeadsConAdmin

Customer experience has, for decades, been the domain of the customer service reps tasked with resolving customer problems when they...

Contact Center AI – What’s Out There?

February 21, 2019, by LeadsConAdmin

As technology continues to advance, companies are coming to realize that many benefits can be accrued from employing it. Tech...

How Advanced Analytics Can Help Contact Centers Put the Customer First

February 7, 2019, by LeadsConAdmin

Companies without advanced analytics are leaving significant customer-service improvements on the table. But to fully reap the advantages of advanced...

For a Better Contact Center, Build a Better Culture

August 14, 2018, by aiwpadmin

By Eric Schaal A superior customer experience doesn’t begin and end at the point of sale. Customers may need help...

8 Strategies for Effective Contact Center Management

July 24, 2018, by LeadsConAdmin

 A contact center agent deals with stress on a daily basis, and it can get pretty taxing. But a contact...

Calibration: Driving Consistency in the Contact Center for Higher Quality Leads

May 30, 2017, by Mike Stafford

Quality is an important topic in the contact center. Building quality programs and developing Quality Assurance (QA) teams to oversee...

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