Tag: Customer Experience

How the Cloud Can Inspire Loyalty Across Customer Interaction Channels

October 23, 2017, by LeadsConAdmin

 If the customer had a positive and consistent experience with the company and its representatives, they would probably remain loyal....

Marketers Focusing on Ad Sentiment and Relevance Make Gains over Ad Blocking through Improved User Experience

May 18, 2017, by LeadsConAdmin

While digital advertising dominates our multi screen world, taking a closer look at user experience is key to understanding how...

How Click to Call Can Improve Customer Relationships

May 15, 2017, by LeadsConAdmin

Click to call is an internet-based tool that allows call centers to connect the right agents to customers quickly. Before...

Acquiring Better Leads Using Underlying Intelligence and Authoritative Sources to Connect the Dots

January 23, 2017, by Michael Feuerstein

What does a ‘good’ lead look like? Well, that depends on who you are, your company’s objectives and who your...

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