The Buyer’s Summit and Seller’s Summit Solve the Equation for Greater Success

By aiwpadminFebruary 25, 2016

By Kieran O’Brien Kern.

The backbone of LeadsCon is building business partnerships for more successful marketing collaboration. Brands, lead sellers, networks and tech companies attend to find partners that can make material contributions to their near and long term success.

The Buyer's Summit and Seller's Summit, on Tuesday, March 15, 2016, at LeadsCon Las Vegas, give insights into both sides of the lead generation equation. This opportunity will take attendees on a journey from adapting marketing strategies to work with the latest Google algorithm changes to achieve a greater understanding of consumers’ journeys to purchase and forecasting the year ahead.

Buyer's Summit
The Buyers Summit, an invitation-only exclusive event, is only for end users whose primary business is the purchasing and closing of leads. Serious buyers will be guided through how to implement and incorporate effective media buying and processes into current campaigns and the integration of pieces from other lead generation data, channels and tactics that can be leveraged into paid media efforts.

JJ Bannasch of Katana Media will kick things off with a discussion of media buying best practices to help buyers incorporate effective strategies into their media purchases. Participants will also benefit from an open discussion by an expert panel of buyers across multiple verticals led by Joey Liner of DoublePositive on how they have mitigated risk and the potential for federal and state investigations. Looming concerns, including successfully navigating the industry and staying compliant within the law, will be addressed alongside how the big brands are handling these same issues.

Steven Peron of Elevated will cover the ever-evolving Google algorithm updates, including Panda/Penguin, and how to adapt marketing campaigns based on trends in content marketing and mobile optimization.

Attendees will learn how to safeguard themselves from “free” advertising from unauthorized advertisers that may be costing their company tens of thousands of dollars in missed revenue annually. Gayla Huber and Peter Marinello will dispel third-party marketer myths, supply key questions to protect against rogue vendors and best practices for monitoring compliance with marketing initiatives and affiliate networks.

Seller's Summit
Data is more accessible than ever. The Seller's Summit reveals the data wizard behind the curtain regarding consumer buying journeys toward intent. Learn how this data indicates where the consumer is in their journey, and gain insights into what will ultimately help maximize the value of every lead, click and call.

Lead sellers and aggregators will benefit from best practices to stay ahead of the curve. The summit affords insight into opportunities that provide the best ROI, what content to create and where to most effectively place it. The participants will also come away understanding how to optimize and monetize established traffic.

The LeadsCouncil Advisory Board will shed light on the evolving expectations of both buyers and sellers and best practices for greater transparency in the inquiry funnel and increased communication of expectations and visibility of conversion data to optimize goals. Lead scoring at the lead and buyer levels will also be addressed as a means to decrease low-quality inquiries.

LeadsCouncil Forecast
Both summits will benefit from separate sessions of the LeadsCouncil’s forecast of new companies, marketing practices, lead buyers, technologies, and regulations for the year ahead. Participants will learn how The LeadsCouncil plans to help buyers and sellers protect themselves from regulatory scrutiny.

Mixing It Up
After an afternoon learning and sharing how to maximize their opportunities, the buyers and sellers will put what they learned to work for themselves at the Buyer & Seller Marketplace and Mixer. This casual event is the ideal time for both serious buyers and sellers to bring all the components together to connect and explore mutual needs and opportunities. It should be of great benefit and success to all parties.

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