The Influence of Hashtags on Business Instagram Stories (Infographic)

By LeadsConAdminAugust 14, 2018






Social media seems to be everywhere on the Internet these days with so many platforms available, and Instagram has become one of the most engaging.

In less than a decade, the platform has managed to gain more than 300 million users on a daily basis, and the popularity of Instagram has increased dramatically with the introduction of Instagram Stories.

With Instagram Stories, users can post pictures and videos, and use hashtags and filters. With more than 200 million users every day, it is perhaps Instagram’s most significant selling point.

Remember that marketing is a huge part of a successful business and can be particularly effective when it is visual. That is why the biggest brands around the world use Instagram Stories to connect with consumers and potential customers.

Brands such as Nike, Adidas, GQ, Mac, and others use tactics such as live videos, celebrity takeovers, event coverage and behind-the-scenes footage to tease their customers.

But Instagram Stories is incomplete without hashtags. Since Instagram included Stories on its explore page, hashtags have found new importance in the user experience. Now users can search for your hashtag and come across your Stories even if they don’t follow you. They serve to boost the reach and visibility of Instagram Stories.

Check out this infographic at for hacks and tips on making the best use of Instagram Stories as a form of social media marketing.

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