The Latest and Greatest in Lead Tactics and Maximizing Efforts

By aiwpadminFebruary 21, 2018

by Kieran O’Brien Kern

If two heads are better than one, an upcoming LeadsCon session will be the ultimate opportunity to share ideas. “IdeaShare – Let’s Talk Best Lead Tactics: How to Maximize Your Lead Gen Efforts” will pair two of the best minds in lead generation for a highly interactive conversation. It will be an unprecedented opportunity to learn from colleagues and drive the discussion about lead generation ideas, landing page problems, conversion solutions and other components of today’s lead market.

Rachel Schulties, EVP of Agency Services at Digital Media Solutions (DMS), cites the growing importance of organic, paid search, social media, mobile and email in campaigns. “Content – earned or paid – is arguably the most important piece of any lead generation strategy, and increasingly marketers today are creating fresh ways to connect with consumers across multiple channels from social to email and mobile.”

With the lead gen landscape ever-changing, the business-as-usual “go after lead volume” approach won’t be successful. “Marketers need to look strategically at consumers as individuals and not by the masses,” Schulties explains. “When lead volume goes up, conversions go down, so focusing exclusively on generating volume has cost implications that no partner or brand wants to deal with.”

When it comes to hot trends, Schulties brings it all back to data and what performs best. “We know what works and we know what it takes to get those quality leads that convert.” She encourages marketers to avoid fads and look at the facts to help clients, explaining that SEO-driven content continues to be a priority for brands.

The adoption of emerging technologies keeps the lead generation landscape constantly shifting. “It can be hard to keep up with the latest trends. To stay competitive, marketers need to be ahead of the curve so that you can take advantage of new opportunities.” 

“Many marketers see content marketing as the ‘engagement’ fuel that powers all digital communications from search to social to voice – all creating personalized consumer experiences that convert,” she says.

The conversation around ROI and performance renders data and analytics a critical part of a campaign. “Clients are laser-focused on campaigns that deliver conversions. They want to know what touch points and which channels led to that conversion.”

Her agency, DMS, has clients, proprietary data and analytics that impart a unique vantage point on the most effective strategies for conversion. “We test new and fresh concepts in the marketplace and have relationships with the major digital players like Google, Facebook and LinkedIn.”   

She notes that retargeting and nurturing will also be mainstays for digital marketers in 2018 and beyond. “A layered, omnichannel approach to targeting consumers is a necessity for brands no matter the industry. There are so many marketing automation platforms that allow brands to nurture prospects via highly personalized, useful and relevant messaging. “

Schulties expects attendees will benefit from the insights she provides in the session alongside co-presenter Erik Josowitz, SVP of Technology & Strategy at All Web Leads (AWL). “We each have unique perspectives to facilitate this conversation that would be really beneficial to LeadsCon attendees.” 

Session attendees will find a mixture of best practices and candor that will lead to some interesting conversations about what’s working in the industry. Schulties notes that now is the time to re-imagine marketing strategyand optimize campaigns so that clients can win.

“Bring your insights, ideas and an open mind.  Be ready to play the game to win, and you might even learn a new strategy that will elevate your business,” concludes Schulties.

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