Three Things You’ll Find in Both Marketing and Yoga

By Samantha KaramMay 13, 2015

I know, I know. You’re sick of hearing about the yoga studios popping up on every corner there’s a Starbucks. But as marketers, it’s hard for us to ignore growing trends. In fact, I’ve actually started to notice that marketing and yoga have a few things in common.

What characteristics could those possibly be, you ask? Kick back at your desk — or perch yourself in crow pose — and read on to learn three things you’ll find in both marketing and yoga.


Fold your legs into lotus position, place your hands on the ground next to your hips and try to lift yourself up, supported only by your hands. If you can do it, congratulations — you’ve done Tolasana! In this pose, you need core strength, not I-beat-my-grandpa-at-arm-wrestling strength.

If your marketing campaign doesn’t have a strong core, it’ll never leave the ground. Don’t rush to finish a campaign, because you could end up with a shaky foundation and a weak message. Consumers notice weak campaigns, like when you have celebrities hand out their phone numbers, but the phone number actually leads to your business (we’re looking at you, Vespa). It may take three brainstorming sessions, a few hours of overtime and a box or two of takeout at your desk, but it’s worth putting in hard work to create a strong campaign.



The pros make handstands look easy, but take it from someone who’s fallen more often than not — they’re harder than they look. The toughest part about handstands isn’t supporting your body weight, but rather trying to balance your body weight across just your hands. By adjusting a few things here and there, like staggering your legs and pressing your fingers into the mat, you can learn to balance in a handstand.

Balance is just as (if not more) critical when creating a new marketing campaign. Once you’ve established a strong core for your campaign, tweak a few things to balance it out. For example, Budweiser’s series of puppy commercials can elicit tears from a grown man, but they always end happily (although the “Friends Are Waiting” one had me worried).


Flexibility is one of those things everyone wishes they were born with. If you stand up, can you touch your toes? Unless you have freakishly long arms, your hammies need to be pretty loose. To take it even further, you can try to touch your head to your shins — yes, I said shins, not knees. That requires every muscle in the back of your legs to be stretchy.

As marketers, we have to be flexible enough to keep up with the constantly changing trends, both in content and delivery. Researchers are saying that email marketing and dinosaurs are getting amazing results? I’ll dust off my T. rex jokes and craft an email campaign, because I’m flexible like that. If you’re not willing to roll with the changes, your marketing campaigns are going to seem stiff and boring.

Is there anything else you think marketing and yoga have in common? Share with us in the comments!

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