Top 3 Tips for an Effective Advertising Campaign

By Frank HealySeptember 8, 2015

Generating online awareness for your company brand is an important building block for a complete web presence. An effective way to impact the growth of your brand is through an enticing advertising program. Here are three tips for creating a successful display advertising campaign:

Enticing Visuals
Having an eye-catching ad is the first step to a good advertising display. In order to draw the user’s attention, your ad needs to display and function properly and images and text should directly relate to your landing page purpose. Make the ad memorable by using creativity and striking visuals that stand out from other display ads.

Consistency between visuals and text is also vital. The following ad displays a woman with a big smile and graduation cap; the message “Want to Go Back to School?” is clearly associated with the image. The user’s eye is drawn horizontally to the image, then the copy, then the call-to-action or CTA.

Target Your Audience
A common mistake when creating campaigns is introducing ads that do not speak to your niche market. The most important factor to consider when designing an ad is the target audience. Market research will uncover trends and demographics that identify your target market, and will allow you to deeply engage with that segment.

For instance, the below banner ad clearly advertises to a military audience. The headlines are specific, the visuals are attractive, but, perhaps most important, it targets a particular market. Knowing your audience and communicating to them on a personal level will lead to higher intent and converting leads.  

Clear Calls-To-Action
A clear CTA allows users to quickly understand the purpose of the advertisement, and respond. When designing a CTA on an ad, ensure your message is clear, with just a few simple action words. Format your message so that your text is easy to read and choose colors that stand out. 

To draw the user’s attention, create a message with a benefit in mind. For example, the below ad’s CTA reads “LEARN MORE.” This simple, yet compelling, text tells the user where they can get more information about your product or service immediately. An effective CTA will increase user interest and conversions.

Although every company is different, understanding what it takes to effectively advertise your products and services starts with a solid advertising plan. You should utilize A/B testing to tailor your efforts and improve your campaign.

Evaluate and stay on top of trends in your specific industry, including reevaluations of your target audience, in order to remain relevant and continue catching the attention of users.   

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