Velocify Builds on ‘Strong Position’ in Sales Acceleration Market

By aiwpadminFebruary 27, 2017

by John Egan    

The velocity of Velocify’s growth is impressive.


One example of that is the three key hires made last year at Velocify: a new chief financial officer, a new general counsel and a new vice president of human resources.


“We’re lucky to be in a strong position where we can attract very high-profile leaders to join our business,” says Nick Hedges, president and CEO of Velocify, which provides a sales acceleration platform. “We believe we’re currently in the first innings of our growth story, so we’ve hired new executives that have taken software companies from where we are today to 10 times our current size.”


So, if that kind of growth trajectory is in the works, does that mean Velocify is gearing up for an IPO?


“Velocify is at the scale that some companies in the software industry go public, and this may happen in the future,” Hedges says. “However, we have always focused on delivering value to our customers rather than prioritizing our shareholders, so we’ll only go public if we see that doing so will accelerate our ability to create client value.”


El Segundo, California-based Velocify, lead sponsor of LeadsCon Las Vegas 2017, is the subject of IPO chatter in large part because of its revenue growth. In 2016, Velocify saw a 30 percent rise in revenue, according to Hedges. Not long ago, Velocify enjoyed a four-year streak as one of the fastest-growing tech companies in North America, as determined by Deloitte’s Fast 500 program.


“For the past decade, we have been able to grow every year through continued product innovation and a focus on customer success,” says Hedges, who was LeadsCouncil Executive of the Year in 2015.


Among the innovations credited with lifting revenue at Velocify are LeadManager, a tool for companies that generate or buy leads, and Dial-IQ, inbound and outbound calling platform for sales teams. Velocify says LeadManager has boosted customers’ conversion rates by 12.5 percent, while Dial-IQ has bumped up customers’ conversion rates by 106 percent.


Verticals served by Velocify include financial services and education. One vertical gaining traction at Velocify is the mortgage sector. Hedges says Velocify’s LoanEngage offering “adds to our core platform capabilities that are specific to the needs of this market in a way that no other technology can do today.”


Most recently, Velocify rolled out ReportHub, which it calls a “fitness tracker” for sales managers and administrators. The company says ReportHub delivers nearly real-time data “through easy-to-use data visualizations that guide quicker, more informed decisions about sales strategy and execution.”


“Sales processes have become increasingly digitized, generating enormous amounts of relevant performance data,” says Manoj Goyal, chief operating officer of Velocify. “ReportHub presents crucial data in an easily digestible way, helping guide data-driven decisions that can have a meaningful impact on sales growth.”


Hedges says ongoing product advancements like ReportHub along with the recent high-profile hires will help Velocify “continue to emerge as the global leader in sales orchestration and acceleration.”


Befitting the status of a global leader, Velocify recently introduced its new Elite Awards program, aimed at “recognizing customers creating sales acceleration breakthroughs that inspire top-level performance.”


Velocify announced the Elite Awards program just ahead of LeadsCon Las Vegas 2017, where Velocify executives will lead four sessions and will host the “Party Like a Rainmaker” event.

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