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By aiwpadminFebruary 18, 2016

By Kieran O’Brien Kern.  

With millions spent on lead generation and CRM, the fact that one-third of leads are never called, and half of all leads don’t generate a second call, means that not only is money being wasted, but opportunities are being squandered. Velocify doesn’t want any opportunity to go to waste. They’ve built their solutions based on the existing practices of top sales teams to transform the process, helping sales representatives connect with more high-quality prospects so they can spend their time closing deals.

Their sales automation software/platform enables sales professionals to convert a higher volume of leads to closed deals by arming sales teams with the tools to be more productive each day, driving rapid lead response and most importantly higher conversion rates, in turn leading to more predictable revenue. Velocify positions sales teams for success by automating much of their sales activity. “We eliminate noise, and we keep reps focused on what is the most important thing to do,” explains Director of Partner Development Scott Ankley. ”We cut down the time they spend organizing so they can focus on selling.”

Velocify LeadManager is a stand-alone lead management system that equips sales teams to manage a higher volume of leads from contact to quote to close. The tool empowers sales reps to drive a rapid lead response for a vast range of industries, including current stars such as financial services, solar and education, using prospecting and follow up calls for outreach to consumer prospects. Automated Guided Selling features industry-specific workflows and a template that drives sales improvement. Dynamic Lead Distribution matches the highest-priority lead with the best-fitting rep at the right moment. Time spent on daily administrative tasks is minimized with Intelligent Activity Prioritization streamlining the sales process.

Pulse is Velocify’s native Salesforce application on the Salesforce App Exchange. “It allows us to work with existing Salesforce users to implement the sales automation practices we’ve developed over 10 years and implement the same tools available in the stand-alone lead management solution,” explains Ankley. “It affords customers who use Salesforce as a CRM to experience the same prioritization of leads distribution to build a better sales stack.”

The click-to-dial, cloud-based dialing solution, Dial-IQ, provides reps with a local presence, prerecorded voicemail and an all-encompassing telephony solution that works in conjunction with the lead generation tool. It allows calls to be routed to work, mobile, or home phones.

“For over a decade, we have worked with all types of B2C lead generation companies and have built our product around helping them close more deals,” says Ankley. Ten years of customer feedback coupled with analyzing data for optimal results enables Velocify’s products to increase the value of every lead by ensuring the optimal level of contact touch points.

The nature of lead generation has evolved alongside changes in technology from face-to -face to mobile, which has become an optimal location for users to both access information and declare their buying intent. What has remained the same is that consumers need services and solutions from home buying to the insurance that secures the home and the solar power that saves them money.

Velocify’s offerings enable seamless integration from the time the consumer fills out a lead form until it’s filtered to the right rep at the right company who calls the consumer while they are still on the website. Every minute the consumer waits lowers the chance of conversion. Ankley advises that the best time to make the first contact with a lead is when the consumer is still on the website. The best window of time to avoid a cat-and-mouse game and ensure a meaningful sales dialogue is 15 minutes. “Under a minute and you’re off to the races.”

Velocify is more than an array of products and service; it’s an environment where your sales team can succeed. The company is a Gold Sponsor at this year’s LeadsCon Las Vegas and CEO Nick Hedges will be one of the presenters during “LeadsCon State of the Union: What’s Driving Lead Gen Today?” Wednesday, March 16 at 10:10 a.m.

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