Week 3 Demo Day’s Schedule

By Michael FerreeOctober 7, 2014

We are moving into week 3 of the "Demo Day's" and we have an excellent schedule lined up.

Remember, we will not share your information with the company demo'ing their product. This is a great opportunity to see products you might not have otherwise had a chance to see, and if your are interested in learning more about the company, we will leave it up to you to contact them.


Here is this weeks line up:


HigherEd Growth

October 8th – 2pm ET

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EduMaximizer is a web application that integrates with any dialer or lead management system. Features include:

  • A dynamic call center script which changes as inquiry data is added/verified creating a fully compliant and qualified inquiry.
  • Full support of scoring/verification services like Neustar, Ebuereo, LeadiD and other custom services.
  • Inquiry matching capabilities which supports traditional host and post campaigns as well as qualified matches via integrated APIs from direct clients or aggregators.
  • Creates a seamless user experience for the call center representative in order to limit the possibility of error.
  • Full tracking and reporting across disparate campaigns/data.
  • Leverages a state of the art proprietary lead management system designed specifically for Edu Lead Generation.


Neustar: PlatformOne

October 9th – 2pm ET

Reserve your Webinar seat now.

Does Identity Matter? Marketers want to connect with the right people at the right time across the customer journey. We will show how a unified identity, authoritative data and marketing analytics power effective audience planning, targeting and media measurement for maximum campaign results. Join Neustar for a deep dive into PlatformOne to learn how to create a personalized dialogue using authoritative data for accurate identity information with privacy by design at its core.




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