Where Marketing Starts—and Soars

By aiwpadminSeptember 13, 2018

By Michael Foster

The technology of marketing is constantly changing.

But getting your hands on leads is the first step, and the leads ultimately come from a database. The real marketer’s talent comes in getting the mass list of potential customers in a database and then molding it with their own expertise, data, and analysis to determine who are the real potential customers—and who is the waste of time.

And when you need to mold a list of potential leads, you need to start with the biggest and most trustworthy databases you can find. That’s where DatabaseUSA comes in.

DatabaseUSA has dozens of different databases, including a database of 15 million businesses for B2B marketing, a database of 150 million homeowners (as well as a new-homeowners database of over 60,000 people per week), and a database of 245 million consumers.

If you want to limit your search to a profession, DatabaseUSA can handle that too. It has databases of doctors, lawyers, nurses, and other professionals and executives from a variety of industries. It can also provide a variety of mailing lists targeted by demographic, income level, education, ethnicity, hobbies, health issues, professional field, and more. You can start with any targeted audience you want, because DatabaseUSA has a tremendous amount of options no matter what your lead generation needs may be.

DatabaseUSA can go even further with more high-touch options, since it has experience in cleansing email lists, postal processing, customizing data on customer lists, and even collecting custom data per your specific needs. Thanks to its decades of history, DatabaseUSA knows how to target the right people at the right time—and it can help you do the same.

DatabaseUSA started in 1972, when it began collecting and selling databases of customers in the pre-internet marketing days. Success in the direct mail and telemarketing sectors caused the company’s client base to grow, positioning it to become a market leader in generating leads in the 1990s when e-commerce was just starting. And it has not stopped, continuing to provide a variety of large-scale and customized databases for marketers of every stripe and with just about every KPI imaginable.

With its experience and data, DatabaseUSA is a marketing partner that marketers can rely on for quality data that can produce a sales channel and substantially drive revenue.

Want to know more? At this year’s LeadsCon Connect to Convert, DatabaseUSA experts will be on hand to answer all of your marketing questions. Seek them out and find out how they can help you drive sales.

To learn more on what’s driving today’s customer acquisition, performance marketing, and sales, join us at LeadsCon’s Connect to Convert this October in Boston. Register today.

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