Your Biggest Threat? Your Buyer’s Status Quo

By aiwpadminFebruary 13, 2017

By Shahnaz Mahmud    

The biggest threat to your success isn’t actually your major competitors – it’s your buyer’s status quo.

That’s according to Tim Riesterer, chief strategy officer at Corporate Visions, who will be presenting the keynote address at the upcoming LeadsCon Las Vegas conference, March 20-22.


“Insights That Incite: Achieving Differentiation Breakthroughs in Your Lead Gen Program with Tim Riesterer” will discuss buyers’ aversion to doing something different from the action they are already taking – and more.


Riesterer tells LeadsCon that marketers need to be able to create contrast. “To drive the urgency to change, your message has to create clear and decisive contrast between the pain your prospects are feeling today and the relief and performance improvements they could achieve with you,” he says.


Marketers also need to rethink what it means to create a message with insights. Don’t just rely on data points, because it doesn’t necessarily equate to an insight. Riesterer notes that to be actionable, you also have to offer a resolution; your prospects must have a clear path forward for resolving the risks they’re up against today.


The way forward, he insists, is to create the perception that you are different from the rest. How? “You need to tell prospects something they didn’t know about a problem they didn’t know they had,” explains Riesterer. “This is the ‘unconsidered needs’ approach to message development, where you build your message around the challenges or missed opportunities your prospective buyers don’t yet know about.”


This idea opposes the standard “voice of the customer” approach, which can commoditize your solutions by failing to create enough of a distinction between you and their status quo – or between you and your competitors, says Riesterer. “By leading with unconsidered needs and matching them to your unique capabilities, you’ll create a level of urgency and differentiation that will get your prospects to take action now,” he says.


These techniques create messaging that is “memorable, remarkable and actionable.” Therein lies the industry’s biggest challenge: ensuring that the “disruptive, status quo-busting story you tell in your campaigns” is discussed with your field sales conversations – where data explicitly shows that salespeople still need to convince buyers to change, instead of jumping into a features and benefits discussion, says Riesterer. “Marketers and demand generation leaders need to consider how to package the ‘why change’ story that made an impact in your demand generator message into your sales-facing content, so your reps are equipped to pick up the threads of that provocative message,” he explains.


The good news is companies are becoming more sophisticated with their tech stacks. But don’t think this is your biggest opportunity for differentiation. Riesterer again points to the power of messaging. “If your message is bad, a world-class tech stack only ensures more people know about it faster,” he says. “To unlock breakthroughs in your lead gen performance, you need to first unleash them in your message.”


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