Understanding Today’s Consumer Behavior and What It Means for Your Business

When it comes to consumer behavior, so much has changed in just a few short months that it’s hard to know what’s changed and what’s stayed the same. With economic, health and business-related changes all around, can you be certain that your customers are in the right frame of mind to engage with your business? […]


Mortgage Lending Leads: How to Manage Expectations in Today’s Market

Residential property owners are scrambling to refinance in record numbers as rates fall to new lows, but lenders are tightening restrictions as they introduce new terms and conditions. What about new home sales? Challenges abound, but so does the opportunity to grow your business. Join us as we connect with Dale Vermillion of Vermillion Consulting […]


Eye on the Prize: Tackling Data-Driven Direct Response Marketing

How are you currently measuring the impact of your marketing? And have the benchmarks you measure against changed? How are shifts in consumer behavior affecting your efforts? Tune in as Aman Advani of Ministry of Supply shares how he’s looking at today’s environment, what it means for data-driven marketers, and ways that his clothier is […]


Tools & Tips for Optimizing Your Lead Gen Campaign Today

In a restructured economy, it’s important to think outside the box. Whether through remote work strategies, lead-gen automation, campaign platforms or strategic partnerships, you can optimize your efforts with measurable results. What can you do in the current environment and how should you look at the various channel marketing you’re using? Kenneth Kinney of Ai Media […]

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