The Secret to Improved Lead Conversion is in Your Customer’s Back Pocket.

Learn how growth leaders like QuinStreet are using new solutions for the voice channel to dramatically improve outbound sales performance, answer rates, and revenue per lead. Don’t let those leads you worked so hard to get go cold! Give your outbound call representatives the best chance at getting their calls through to those potential customers.

Matthew Weller of Hiya and Tyler Orrell of QuinStreet will share:

  • How QuinStreet uses Hiya Connect in their call center to improve call deliverability to potential customers
  • The most important call performance metrics for marketing and sales to track to gauge the effectiveness of the voice channel
  • Why adding identity to your calls is so effective for lead and sales conversion
  • How Hiya Connect works to improve answer rates and much more

Webinar registrants will also receive an early-access copy of Hiya’s new eBook: The Most Valuable Metrics to Track in your Call Center

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